Ghoksadanga Birendra Mahavidyalaya

Maintenance Policy

Maintenance Policy

Ghoksadanga Birendra Mahavidyalaya possesses a range of established protocols and regulations to uphold and make effective use of its physical, academic, and support amenities. These include but are not limited to laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, computers, and classrooms.

Maintenance of library

The library committee and administration have been entrusted with the task of acquiring and maintaining the library infrastructure and facilities. This includes purchasing books, E-Journals, and other materials based on recommendations from the college departments. In order to enhance the library’s collection, the committee procures high-quality publications from both national and international publishers. Students can borrow books by presenting their library cards during office hours, while teachers have the privilege of reading and borrowing books from the library. Additionally, we have an offline library maintenance software in place and are planning to fully digitize the library in the near future.

Maintenance of the sport facilities

The maintenance of the sports facilities is the responsibility of the Sports Committee. The office of the principal purchases the necessary equipment and sports articles based on the recommendations of the committee and the suggestions of the college students. These purchases are made by inviting quotations from reputable sports outlets. The college authority takes periodic steps to enhance the sports activities for the students. Every year, numerous events are held in our college campus playground. Some sports items are stored in the boys’ and girls’ common rooms as well as the IQAC room, and they are provided to the students under the supervision of the Sports Committee Convener. Financial support is provided to students who excel in sports and have notable achievements, to the best of the college’s ability.

Maintenance of Computers and IT facilities

The procurement of essential IT equipment is determined by the principal’s office based on recommendations provided by the college departments and administrative office. The college’s computer skilled personnel are responsible for maintaining the IT facilities and ensuring regular upgrades of the resources. The administration oversees the inventory of IT facilities and makes modifications or replacements as needed. Additionally, the college has a dedicated Computer Management and IT Maintenance Cell that takes care of the upkeep of computers and related facilities. Part-time employees are also assigned to assist with the utilization and maintenance of these facilities.

Classroom facilities

The maintenance of classrooms is a regular exercise. The cleanliness of classrooms is ensured by a group of Part-time workers and sweepers. After the admission process in every semester it is ensured that all the classrooms have adequate desks, benches. The fans and electrical appliances are checked wherever requirements are found the purchase committee are appraised of the requirements. The purchase committee makes the purchases after approval from the Principal. There are three projectors one in smart classrooms and rest are moving projectors.

Maintenance of the laboratory

The office of the principal and the purchase committee procure laboratory equipment and essential chemicals based on the specific needs of the teaching departments in the college. The college ensures that the science students receive proper education and training on the utilization and upkeep of laboratory items.

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