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Right To Information (RTI)

The Right to Information Act, 2005 is an act passed by Parliament of India under which an Indian citizen can request a public authority for information. This act applies to all States and Union territories, except for Jammu and Kashmir. For Jammu and Kashmir there is a separate act called Jammu and Kashmir Right to Information act, 2009. RTI can be an invaluable tool in fight against corruption. Using RTI one can seek for the response for negligence, late response, blocked work, unresolved complaints, unnecessary expenditure, and other grievances from the public authorities. The response for the RTI can be used to hold government and government official accountable for their actions.

RTI Nodal Officer

Name: Sahadev Roy

Designation: Principal in charge

Phone: 8617619858


As per Chapter I, Preliminary section of RTI act 2005, an Indian citizen can request for the following from a public authority:

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